The choices we make today influence both our present and our future. Using accessories and organic clothing is the best way to safeguard our environment, because Bio is:

  • ECOLOGICAL: all production takes place with a low environmental impact
  • HEALTHY: we don’t use toxic substances harmful to the skin
  • NATURAL: natural fibers are biodegradable and recyclable
  • ETHICAL: respect for human and social rights
  • CRUELTY FREE: stop to intensive farming and no violence against animals

Therefore, dressing organic clothing is equivalent to ecological, sustainable and ethical dressing. All Øldberg accessories respect strict criteria: from the cultivation of the raw material, to the shipping and packaging of finished garments, and all the related production processes.

Our choice to produce ecological accessories is conscious. We want to do something for the environment, for our civilization and for all living being. The planet is changing its processes so quickly that it’s essential to start doing something right away. We must start to do this, because although many people don’t think about these things, history teach us that this isn’t like this. We can do a lot with small daily gestures. Choosing which products to buy, you can stop the environment destruction and start looking forward to the future with confidence.

It depens on us. We are responsible for our present and our future.

vestire biologicoDressing organic clothing is a smart choice and it isn’t a small step towards a better world, but a huge, courageous and conscious step.

In addition, Øldberg bio products aren’t only better for the planet, but also for you.
The quality of the Øldberg garments is the excellence, because we make our accessories with attention to the environment and to the social: we don’t practice intensive cultivation of textile fibers and we don’t use pesticides, fertilizers such as: heavy metals, chlorophenols, phthalates and synthetic dyes. These are present in non-organic garments and are harmful not only for the environment, but also for our health. On the contrary, Øldberg is very careful to operate with attention, thanks to the latest machinery and substances that aren’t aggressive. Furthermore, our sustainable fashion isn’t “fast”, that is we don’t produce to increase profit margins, putting aside the environment and quality, but we respect nature, we pay attention to the social and we take care of our health.
We have chosen to dress organic clothing for the environment, for a more ethical world and for our quality of life.

Øldberg: dress the fashion of your future, today